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Monday 16 April 2007

Outing's back: postscript

"I think of myself as phenomenally open," she says. "My children would say that, the people who know me would say that, the people who see me in the park would say that. Because when you have kids, you have to be open. Otherwise, what kind of message would that send? You can make a choice that brings them dignity or you can make a choice that's some hiding, shameful thing. I always choose dignity."
What about the other, lesbian kids with no role models, Jodie?

Michael Musto, my favourite gossip columnist, follows up on Out Magazine's Outing cover story (the one with with 'Jodie Foster' and 'Anderson Cooper').
By the way, I've been getting some light spanking myself for Out magazine's "glass closet" cover story about stars like ANDERSON COOPER and JODIE FOSTER who perform the delicate trick of living semi-out lives while not committing to being gay on the record.

In addition to praise, the story has incited the usual storms of outrage, and I honestly don't have the energy to fight the same old creatures who feel that saying a famous person is gay—even when he/she is hiding in plain sight—is a hateful, maligning abomination.

So I'll just link you to my Voice piece from two years ago countering the whinings about my last Out article on Cooper.

It's at

Then we can all go back to pretending we aren't interested in who anyone's fucking.

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