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Sunday 1 April 2007

ABC1's head downmarket - online

Hitwise's Heather Hopkins has been looking at

How does the profile of offline readers of newspapers compare with online readers?

Her points seem to reflect some of the recent changes in UK tabloid newspaper websites:
There are opportunities for Print Media websites to diversify their online audience by targeting lower income groups, groups with younger children and those in the Group Rural Isolation
But I was most interested to spot:
Groups that are less likely to pick up The Sun from the newsstand are more likely to visit the website
This is slightly less true of the Mail, as well.

She has a hunch
"This also has something to do with people not wanting to be seen on the Tube with The Sun, but being happy to enjoy the content."
Ah. Class-consciousness is alive and well.

I sometimes look at the Sun website. Not for the Tits, just to see what it's saying as it's so important. I don't look for The News, just to see What News they're reporting, and how. And just what they're doing with the site.

Things like their changing attitude to Race and Gays is interesting as well as what campaigns they're running (same with the Mail). It's not that I wouldn't be seen buying it...

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