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Sunday 8 April 2007

Bytes · Apple isn't Green - Craigslist’s gay profits - GodTube

  • Apple Inc. has the worst environmental policies among major electronics companies, according to Greenpeace.
  • First placed Lenovo, who are Chinese, "offers takeback and recycling in all the countries where its products are sold," Greenpeace said. Lenovo also says how much e-waste it recycles as a percentage of sales.
    Greenpeace environmental scores
    1. Lenovo: 8
    2. Nokia: 7.3
    3. Sony/Ericsson: 7
    Dell: 7
    5. Samsung: 6.3
    Motorola: 6.3
    7. Fujitsu/Siemens: 6

    8. Hewlett-Packard: 5.6
    9, Acer: 5.3
    10. Toshiba: 4.3
    11. Sony: 4
    12. LG Electronics: 3.6
    Panasonic: 3.6
    14. Apple: 2.7

    · More about Apple's environmental record at Green My Apple.

  • Microsoft has released a new mobile browser called Deepfish. Users are able to zoom in on the part of the page they want to read or click on.

  • Fab Google Gadget (and general widget) World Sunlight Map by, who also do one showing moon phases.

  • Woolworths is the latest company to add user-generated content to it's website. They're using Reevoo to collect and publish reviews of many of the retailer's products including music, video and mobile phones. They say:
    We aim to publish all reviews – good and bad. However, we have to reject reviews with bad language, confusing or offensive content. So what they say, is what you see.
  • have dropped Google Maps citing fears that they'll ad ads and start charging brands. Instead, they signed up to Rocket Map.

  • Tagging has seen explosive growth as a locator for Web content according to Technorati report The State of the Live Web, April 2007.

    Blogging continues to grow exponentially. Japanese grew as the dominant language for posts — Farsi moved into the top 10 languages.

  • Google released MyMaps, a point-and-click add-on for Google Maps, aimed at a mass market. The product mimics Platial, who responded thus on their blog:
    "While no entrepreneur is excited about potentially competing with Google, it had to happen… There are a number of friend/foe relationships that spring up when you have alliances and markets with rapidly evolving needs. Our business will be disrupted too in some ways but it was time."
    MyMaps doesn't match Platial functionality though - you can't use it to embed maps in your site for example.

  • In another new move there's Google Voice Local Search, which offers a free '411' (local information) phone service.

  • Stephen Bagg exposes Craiglist's 'Dirty Little Secret' on his blog.

    Turns out that by far the most popular categories are men-seeking-women etc. with some interesting breakdowns by category by city.
    "But that’s not the entire story. A deeper look into the metrics reveals a real power group behind Craigslist’s impressive numbers: men seeking men. Even though they only enjoy Top 5 status in two cities by visitor volume, each month these Craigslist constituents view over 50% more pages and 20 more minutes on average searching these posts than any others – from apartment rentals to items for baby."

  • Tony Blair has launched a YouTube channel.

  • ReleMed is a new search engine for PubMed, the largest database of medical literature, which assigns relevance to results in addition to just looking for keywords.

  • After the Evangelical Christian version of Wikipedia comes their version of YouTube. GodTube, however, The Times reports, has been attracting the most viewers for the unintentionally hilarious videos.
    In one of the website’s most-watched videos, Ray Comfort, a New Zealand-born evangelist who lives in California, employs a banana to demonstrate the genius of God’s creation.

    “Notice how gracefully it fits in the human hand,” declares Comfort. “The maker of the banana, almighty God, has made it with a nonslip surface.”

    Comfort goes on for several minutes, seemingly unaware of the dangers of double-entendre in his reverent handling of the banana.

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