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About Me

18 years experience in developing websites. 33 years experience writing.

Worked in Australia for many years, mainly developing sites for NGOs, community organisations and media. Through the dotcom boom I worked in London for a number of large companies such as IPC Media and Harrods as well as small business. I worked in local government and presented to a number of egovernment events.

Background in marketing and sales for small business.

In writing I have covered most territory save sports, specialising of late in news and features with a long history in LGBT coverage and as an editor. I have also done research for immigration cases, web and social media, politics, health and egovernment.

Some of my recent writing work

Care2 causes
The Guardian
Pink News
Gay Star News

Some other writing outlets -, Sydney Star Observer, Left Foot Forward, Migration pulse, LGBTQ Nation, Gay Times, The Drum, On The Street, Box Turtle Bulletin, Sydney Morning Herald, San Diego LGBT News, Blue magazine, Talkabout, National AIDS Bulletin, The Face, Harry's Place, Think Africa Press, Online Journalism, Public Sector Forums, Communities of practice, GoverningPeople, govloop.

My website LGBT Asylum News had just shy of a million views before shuttering in 2012. This activist website is 12 years old and still going because I deliberately passed on skills and engagement, for the proverbial 'he fell under a bus' possibility.

Two recent website designs (apart from this one): Pam Hirsch; Tower Cleaners.

In past lives I've been a deejay (check my music tastes via my music blog posts), had my own radio show(s), organised dance parties, organised a HIV treatment trial and presented to an international conference, successfully organised for the Labour Party's first gay conference support, and been a full-time activist.

I started this blog in 2008 because I've always had a habit of clipping and - often - FYIing useful or newsy items to random people. After experiencing what many bloggers do, a drought as well as distractions, I have returned.

Please note that I don't necessarily agree with everything contained in any reblogged content.

If you want to hire me and need a CV just ask. Or ask/tell me something else via paul DOT canning AT gmail DOT com