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Friday 13 April 2007

Crazy idea? Try selling it to Google

April 12 (Bloomberg) -- Google Inc. looks for ideas that are ``really crazy'' when sizing up potential purchases, the Internet company's top dealmaker said.
``We look at everything very carefully,'' Salman Ullah, Google's director of corporate development, said yesterday in a speech at a meeting of the Los Angeles Venture Association. ``The really crazy ones do really well.''
Mountain View responds to every e-mail pitching a company, while phone calls have a 10 percent response rate, he said.
.. ``The crazy ones mean they ignore the usual restraints of investment levels required or design parameters or `Gee I need more servers than anyone ever thought was possible','' Ullah said. ``When you free yourselves from these constraints, you create crazy, cool things.''
.. We believe the following issues have weighed on the stock: litigation with Viacom over YouTube; partnerships (such as with Fox) not being quite as robust as expected; expense creep related to Checkout; and a perceived lack of focus in trying to service traditional media.We believe Google's core search business remains strong, however.
... We rate the stock Overweight.
Christa Quarles of Weisel [SF-Based merchant bank]

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