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Tuesday 17 April 2007

Google domination nears total

Heather Hopkins reports that Google's UK search share is now 79%
The last time I updated the figures was for SES London in February. Since then, Google has gained 2%, up from 77.77% to 79.38% of the UK search market.
This is a very different picture to the United States, where Google is 50% of the search market by comScore and 64% by Hitwise.

Google's European share is lowest at 61% in Sweden and reaches 95% in Spain. In Australia it's 86%.

In Hong Kong, Yahoo! dominates, but in Singapore it's Google again. Baidu is top search engine in China.

Worldwide, comScore World Metrix has Google Sites 503,033 Total Unique Visitors (000) and Yahoo! Sites 458,985

Andy Kaveniac from writes me that Google is now near two-thirds US market.

On their blog:

Google just keeps going and going … almost puts the Energizer Bunny to shame. Google market share gained another 2ppts in March. So here’s a question. If Google gains one more point in market share, will we lose our veto power? That’s right, for all intents and purposes two-thirds of the 6.4 billion web search queries in the US pass through the Google servers.
(He's referring to the Presidential veto over Congress)

I should note the differences in numbers/shares etc. Anything which falls outside the normal variance is about the different counting methods, but the clarity of the trend does point to the best way to look at stats - compare yer apples with yer apples, otherwise look for the trends. Especially for non-full-timers ;]

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