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Sunday 15 April 2007

Bytes · Youth write blogs - Sexcameron - London goes wifi

  • New research, My Digital Life, from AOP has 73 per cent of 18-24 year olds writing blogs or posting comments online on a weekly basis.

  • E-government@Large covers Phishing and comes to some scary conclusions about anti-virus software. "Even Domestos has had to abandon its 50 year old slogan 'kills all known germs dead' to say that it kills only '99 per cent of known germs'".

  • has become one of the first brands to let users get instant insurance quotes by entering details within the ad copy.

  • Firefox is battling IE7 through adding social features such as the Coop which lets users share favourite Web site links with friends.

    More at Mozilla Labs

    The Coop, sorted by friends
    The Coop, sorted by friends (alternate)
    The Coop, showing a preview of a friend's shared content
    The Coop, sorted by content type

  • Sexcameron takes choice clips of Dave on the stump and on his website and re-edits them to make it look as he's dancing to Justin Timberlake's SexyBack. Still waiting for someone to sex-up Ming ...

  • Guardian intervews Mark Anders, senior principal scientist at Adobe Systems.

    Why is Flash taking off again? "It's a combination of broadband and in the number of people being comfortable with it."

    How has it changed? "Flash didn't really have a developer focus. It always had a creative focus. But I joined to help develop the messaging and tools."

  • Blogging is now ten years old and there are now 70m of them around the globe.

  • Heather Hopkins has looked at site visits against likelihood to vote and found:

    · MySpace visitors least likely and
    · Facebook visitors most likely.

    In what must be a first, Guido Fawkes picked up on her comments on MySpace (but he saw it as somewhere for pollies to avoid - they don't vote).

  • The City of London has become Europe's biggest wireless internet hotspot.

    The network will span the entire Square Mile, and uses a new "mesh" technology to transfer users automatically from base station to base station as they walk by, allowing uninterrupted web use. Users will be charged about £11 a month.

  • Unlike the UK, anyone is now free to download maps and satellite photos of Canada from its Geogratis portal and create a business around them.

  •, Google, Microsoft Live Search and Yahoo! are now supporting 'autodiscovery' of Sitemaps.

    The new open-format autodiscovery allows webmasters to specify the location of their Sitemaps within their robots.txt file, eliminating the need to submit sitemaps to each search engine separately. More at

  • Google Blogoscoped looks at coverage of criticism of the Beijing Olympics on and asks
    "Is it good SEO in China to not speak critical of my government – are there any Google webmaster guidelines as to what may get you removed?"

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