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Saturday, 28 April 2007

Bytes · Older people e-vote - eCommunity + disabilities - DiscoSarko

  • One of the e-voting pilots in the local election is happening in Shrewsbury and they are reporting that the most use is by older people.

    By April 25, over eight hundred people had voted using the telephone or internet. This is a local election, remember. So that's a lot.
    Gareth Owens, deputy returning officer, said, "Many people believe that electronic voting will appeal more to younger people."

    "This time around we have been asking people for their date of birth as part of the security arrangements, and we have found that it is actually older voters who are using the system most. Indeed on one day we had three octogenarians visit the polling station in the Pride Hill shopping centre."
  • Transactions on Accessible Computing (TACCESS) is a quarterly journal that publishes refereed articles addressing issues of computing as it impacts the lives of people with disabilities. It provides a technical forum for disseminating innovative research that covers either:
    applications of computing and information technologies to provide assistive systems to persons with disabilities, or
    investigations of computing technologies and their use by persons with disabilities.
    They have a current call for papers: Special Issue of ACM Transactions on Accessible Computing (TACCESS) onOnline Communities and People with Disabilities”.

  • The high turnout in the French Presidential elections is being sourced in part to the web.

    Headstar comments that the Sarkozy campaign created a satirical site Disco Sarko — you can put him on a dancefloor, give him a range of moves. As a method for generating a viral buzz, it's hard to better. Genius.

    Meanwhile Segolene Royal has a brilliant feature on her site inviting people to help create campaign graphics and videos — a way to harness the creativity of her support base, much as Cadbury’s has invited people to send in video clips with their own homemade ads for Creme egg.

    Addressing: 'e-créateurs'

    En tant que e-créateur, vous êtes en charge d'illustrer la campagne. Vous avez la charge de créer et d'"alimenter" les différents médias Internet qui nous soutiennent. La forme est multiple : création graphique, animations ou vidéos, conception de petits programmes pratiques et utiles, mise en forme de tracts.

    [This is translated by Google to: ' As a E-creator, you are in responsibility of illustrate the countryside. You have the responsibility of create and “to feed” the various media Internet which support us. The form is multiple: graphic creation, animations or vidéos, design of small practical and useful programs, formatted of leaflets.']
    It tells you how to 'Ouvrir un compte gratuit sur un serveur blog', showing excellent usability if I can find that with my crap French.

    There's a Jose Bove game where you have to destroy GM maize and mad cows in honour of the campaigner against McDonalds and globalisation .

    All the main candidates’ supporters have also constructed ‘islands’ on second life.

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