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Thursday 26 April 2007

More DoubleClick/Google madness

Washington Post, Steve Pearlstein:
There may never have been a Google without the government's antitrust suit that prevented Microsoft from crushing upstart rivals. By the same principle, isn't it time to begin restraining Google to increase the odds another Google will come along.
HUH!? Firstly, MS was going nowhere in search and Google just plain beat them. Second, all the innovation is not producing anti-trust claims. There is no same principle. The issue is control/policing of data/content, not code. Lastly, is this some sort of new secret sauce for darwinian economic dynamism? - build 'em up then crush them - or just another version of the tall-poppy syndrome.

Criticise Google for what it needs to be criticised for. I swear, the mainstream media just gets worse and worse in it's coverage of the web ...

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