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Thursday 5 April 2007

Chimp-o-matic + other slow widgets


Had to lose yet another widget..

Chimp-o-matic, which served up hot,delicious Bush-isms ...

.. only tooo .. sl.. oo.. ww.. l .. yyy . . .

and when the rest of your sidebar is a-awaiting on it, well I'm sorry hunny but bye ...

Absolutely fabulous widget.. as was World WebCams (weep) ...

Lesson: build a widget, better make sure you can cope when it gets taken up (or why bother really?).


  1. Hi Paul,

    Great blog; wish I had the motivation to keep mine up. Extreme apologies for failing you with "the Chimp." I'm so embarrassed I could fall on my virtual sword. Was it the Google Widget version you were using on the page? I've noticed some speed issues occasionally too, but since the Google personal page widgets load in iFrames, it hasn't been a show stopper.

    There are several other ways to display the Chimp-o-matic on your page if you want to give it another chance:
    If the JavaScript implementation doesn't work for you, try the Flash-based, or rotating image-based Chimp-o-matic. Even if the last two methods load slowly, it won’t effect the load time of the rest of your page. If you'd like to host your own version, that can be arranged too.

  2. Thanks Ryan. I love your work!

    Unfortunately it seems to be your domain - (or Republican naughty tricks :)

    I'm having trouble loading it now to find your email address.

    I'll have a look again at your options but anything loading from your domain appears to me as the problem.

    Incidentally, I *think the chimp comparison comes from The Guardian's cartoonist Steve Bell

  3. Yeah... (my home computer, actually) hasn't been too reliable since my last router blew up. I would avoid using the Chimp-o-matic options pointed there, if you can. I'm hoping to transfer all flavors to soon --it's professionally hosted and quite dependable.

    I'm not sure who pointed out Bush's chimpiness first, but the comparison is certainly apt.