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Thursday, 8 May 2008

Bump: Zimbabwe reality

These are farmers Mr and Mrs Rogers, from Chegutu, south of Harare.

Mrs Rogers was beaten and has suffered a cracked jaw and broken ribs. Mr Rogers has broken ribs and a broken nose - and his ear was bitten. He was shot at seven times and apparently said he felt one bullet going through his hair.

Farmers in the area were all called into the police station in Chegutu and were “re-educated” in a lecture on ‘how to vote’.

They were told that if they or their workers voted for the MDC in an election run-off they would not be allowed to farm any more and would be evicted.

This is 3 year-old Samson. He was beaten on Golden Star farm, Shamva. His parents are ex farm workers who remained living on the farm after their white employer was evicted.

His parents were beaten on 21st April by militia who were saying “Whites left you on this farm, you are MDC, you want whites to come back and look after you”. Their houses and everything they owned was burned.

More and what you can do to help

From Solidarity Peace Trust

Zimbabweans ask that you direct your anger at the UN and South Africa - Contacts. Other action you can take.

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  1. Paul

    Thank you for this - I have followed your lead and posted.

    Matt Wardman