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Monday, 26 May 2008

Cabinet Office still got no, nada, zip clue on web best practice

Public Sector Forums has been chasing the Cabinet Office over accessibility. It says that their "prestigious new 'Customer Service Excellence Standard' website":
It's actually blindingly obvious, there in front of your eyes, why this website just doesn't get it with how government websites need to improve their 'service' to get customers using them.

Have a look at the navigation -

That's grey text on dark grey background. Very hard to read. There's 'standards' on that, y'know. And above it a breadcrumb trail featuring the faintest grey text.

You couldn't get a clearer example of being - literally - out of touch on what this page calls "Customer Insight. Segmentation. Leadership" when it comes to the web. Find me one successful commercial website using grey text on grey background and I'll snog GB.

If they can't even recognise what's right there in front of their eyes, well. Where do you start?

It, of course, gets worse. Type 'analytics' or 'usability' in the search - nothing.

And the page title is 'Hub' ...

'Leadership'? 'Excellence'? You have got to be jossin' me ...

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