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Tuesday 20 May 2008

Dunwoody, YouTube + how not to do it

Simon Dickson alerts me to some yawnsome Sky News liveblogging activity regarding the Crew + Nantwich by-election, which reminds me of a viral video featuring the not-quite-Gwyneth candidate - Tamsin Dunwoody.

4,600 views is quite a lot for a UK-sourced political viral and it's a good one, 'cos she sounds like a nulabour robot.

There's no video response from Labour. Opportunity? Lost.

The local CLP has a channel with views in the low hundreds and absolutely no viral activity attached. Did they not inform Labour Bloggers?

No one's posting their content. And it's not happening even when they have a Real Life Star attached in the shape of Vera Duckworth.

Get a load of this:

How to NOT do this. Vera barely gets a word in. Let the showbiz legend sell your bleedin' candidate! Make her the producer! Make the thing viral! It's not a 'black art'! The other videos feature a parade of Ed Balls types playing up for the camera and looking like dicks. Doesn't work! Vera's the shining star amidst the dross. Create a viral with just her and you'd be talkin' ...

How much is Labour spending on marketing and where are they spending it? Not on consultants sourced from the Obama campaign. Obviously.

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