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Saturday, 10 May 2008

Google Reader clips catch up

Not on Reader:
  • barackobamaisyournewbicycle
    Neat timewaster — 'Barack Obama wanted you to have some cupcakes ... Barack Obama recited a poem that reminded him of you .... '
  • Barack Obama delegates wiki
    Not been done before - really. Another outcome of the Obama method, they did this themselves, learning from previous campaign efforts and nobody came from HQ and took them over ...
  • Ya Libnan Lebanon News Live from Beirut
    Breaking News Live coverage of the Situation in Lebanon - 'liveblogging', indeed.
  • Networks reportedly refused to appear on PBS' NewsHour to respond to NY Times' military analysts story; several continue blackout
    MediaMatters documenting just how the US TV News networks are trying to kill the story off, blogosphere is keeping it alive and kicking.
  • Killing by the numbers
    Shocking tale from Iraq
    'In 2007 elite U.S. snipers executed an unarmed Iraqi prisoner in cold blood. Have the insidious tactics that led to atrocities in Vietnam reemerged in Iraq?'
    'Top battalion leaders, who had to sign off on the charges, have faced no serious questions about whether their demand for more bodies, their vague rules of engagement or the confusion sown by the secret program might have contributed to the events of spring 2007.'
  • Political Commentariat in Group Circle Jerk
    Iain Dale, with top political bloggers list: 'The one thing which the report immediately provokes me into asking, is just who the Commentariat influences apart from its own members? How many 'normal' people are influenced by newspaper leader columns or indeed blogs? Do we all not feed each other in some amorphous way rather than be a crucial individual influence on a particular debate?'

  • Face to face with climate change
    The Sun is running a blog from Alaska in their Climate Change section. Stop spluttering. Good stuff and a great object lesson in Plain English.
  • The Visible Man: An FBI Target Puts His Whole Life Online
    HT: Stephen Colbert!
    Hasan Elahi is tracking his entire waking moments online at Because he was once mistakenly picked up by the FBI.
    'So it dawned on him: If being candid about his flights could clear his name, why not be open about everything? "I've discovered that the best way to protect your privacy is to give it away,"'
    'For now, though, Big Brother is still on the case. At least according to Elahi's server logs. "It's really weird watching the government watch me," he says. But it sure beats Guantanamo.'
  • When Democrats Go Post-al
    James Wolcott in Vanity Fair: 'The vicious Clinton-versus-Obama rupture at Daily Kos, the most activist site in the liberal blogosphere, reflects a party-wide split. What really rankles, as Democrats tear at one another, is the free pass they’ve given McCain—and the White House.'
  • Young Video Makers Try to Alter Islam’s Face
    New York Times: 'When Ali Ardekani started fishing around on the Internet a couple of years ago for video blogs about Muslims, he did not like what he found: either the world’s 1.3 billion Muslims were depicted as bloodthirsty zealots, or they were offering defensive explanations as to why they were not.'
    “Arabic sounds foreign and scary — you don’t know what is going on,” Mr. Ardekani said in an interview at his small Sherman Oaks apartment, its walls decorated with Koranic verses. “Or they show a woman with the veil, who doesn’t speak, and it is assumed if she did speak she would say, ‘Help me!’ ”


  1. This is a ramble, have you ever learnt how to have a structured communication before?

  2. That's why it's headed 'clips catch up', could also be 'links for this week' or ' bookmarks' - have you never seen this elsewhere online? It's a quick-ish dump from 'What I'm reading' with additions from Scrapbook. Of course it's a ramble, I haven't got all day. If you'd added this comment to a blog post I'd look twice but c'mon!