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Tuesday 6 May 2008

Using PhotoShow to create stories + let's laugh at Scoble

Podtech is promoting this video even though it's actually a year old. But it's a great example of the new wave of integrated online software built around ease-of-use, a big issue for me when I'm thinking about project recommendations (why I tend towards using Google's suite rather than, gulp, Wordpress).

Geeks wouldn't like what they'd see as limited options with Photoshow but I know relatives who would. This video is great at selling, classic 'I want one of those'.

Flaming Scoble though ... stadium rock and "who are you?" begins 'The Scoble Show'. These big dicky mega-geeks need a few queens in the room to puncture those egos ... as in, Hans Christian Anderson (Queen!) and the courtier to whisper "you're naked!" in their ears ... I mean, look at him ...

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