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Sunday, 25 May 2008

Corden's sock puppet

The only thing I like about Gavin + Stacey is Rob Brydon, but James Corden - probably inadvertently - strikes an iconic pose for the average (ok, a tad above average .. ) Brit male in Heat (and the chubby chasers) ...

Most of the male bodies seen in 'Men's Fitness' et al are truly unattainable. The models work out many hours a day and go on strict diets. Once the photoshoots are over they can return to something like normal, which isn't 'ripped'. Never mind the steriod shortcuts ... I seriously doubt that their regimes are terribly healthy. Beckham is naturally skinny and a professional athlete! Plus there's lighting, good photography and photoshop. Try competing with that!

But that has to be a sock ...

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