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Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Stuff you may have missed in the news

Er, why isn't this news?
Press Association: Millions attend gay pride pageant

Millions of people waving rainbow flags and wearing lavish Carnival costumes paraded in South America's biggest city on Sunday to celebrate gay pride and demand an end to homophobia and sexism.

Organisers estimated that about five million people attended the 12th annual Sao Paulo Gay Pride Parade, traditionally one (sic) of the world's biggest. Local authorities did not give a crowd estimate, but said millions were likely present.

I have a hard time even vaguely imaging that number. The biggest anti-war march, biggest ever in the UK, was, upper estimate, 1 million, and Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras upper estimate is 500k. Five million?!

ITN (only UK mention) sardonically noted:

On a visit last year to Brazil, the world's most populous Catholic country, Pope Benedict attracted less than 1 million when he spoke out against homosexuality and called for traditional family values to be reinforced.

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