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Sunday, 4 May 2008

Stupid cycle lanes

Cambridge cyclist Paul Jones has produced some great videos, which have occasionally ended up on TV news, but the local campaign don't put these upfront enough. Can't think how better to demonstrate cycling realities.

'Mr Average Driver'

'Pinch point' reality

Watch how close the red car comes to the concrete island to force past the cyclist behind. Then squeezes past at the next pinch point.

'It's a shame I can't record the audio. The sound of cars approaching at this speed just as you enter a pinch point is terrifying. You just brace yourself for an impact, not quite sure if they've allowed enough space. Once you've been brushed on the arm by a wing mirror, as I have, you lose all confidence in your safety.'

This video reminds me what an unusual place, for cycling (for the UK), I do live in though.

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