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Wednesday 14 March 2007

We really are everywhere

The 'don't ask, don't tell' debate about gays in the US military has flared again. The top general just called gays "immoral" (then had to apologise). In discussing the bizarre policy, one spokesman said that raising the issue during a war was 'divisive'.

To this, blogger Nathaniel Frank responds by pointing out that they've evicted 11000 perfectly competent soldiers/sailors/airmen in total (I assume he means since 1994). this lot includes:

  • 300 linguists,
  • 49 nuclear, biological, and chemical warfare specialists,
  • 90 nuclear power engineers,
  • 52 missile guidance and control operators,
  • 150 rocket, missile and other artillery specialists, and
  • 340 infantrymen.
The two evictees pictured right are gay Army veterans Alexander Nicholson (Arabic) and Jarrod Chlapowski (Korean). they're desperate for Arab linguists.

The UK's a bit more grown up.

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