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Wednesday 14 March 2007

Daily Show: Is Cheney Losing His Clout?

I love Jon Stewart. This is classic.

He does his Cheney as The Penguin from Batman shtick. ROTFL every time. That's Burgess Meredith's -
Heh, Heh .Heh ,Quack, Quack, Well the Dynamic Duo, their faces completely covered with penguin egg. Heh, Heh, Heh. (RealAudio, 107KB)
from the incredibly campy 60s TV version, rather than Danny DeVito's from the formulaic Batman Returns.
Daily Show: Is Cheney Losing His Clout?

tds-cheney.jpg In the wake of the Libby verdict, political pundits across the spectum are wondering if Cheney's clout is diminishing. Last night Jon [Stewart] ran through the lowpoints of Dick's reign as Veep and puts the question to rest.

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