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Saturday 24 March 2007

Miliband's pique in fits

A journalist friend of mine has been exchanging comment off-blog with me after my post Matthew Taylor is an ignoramus. A point he's made is that politicians and their ilk just aren't suited to actual interactivity. Today's post by GuidoFawks does suggest this is true!

Miliblogger Sulking, De-linking

Miliband has, in an incredibly revealing fit of pique, now removed his link to this blog from his blog-roll, (he only added Guido to his blog-roll a month ago for some blogospheric street cred). This follows the New Statesman recently removing their blog link last month after Guido criticised them for not covering the Smith Institute scandal, despite them sharing an office with the Sith. Is Guido bovvered?

This proves Guido's oft made point about politicians and their alleged desire for an interactive online conversation with the public, they only want agreement and consent, not dissent. How enjoyably childish of Miliband.

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