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Thursday 29 March 2007

Bad vs good customer service

Was looking at Alexa's new ranking by country feature:

According to it we (my council) have about 8% more overseas traffic than our actual stats show. Hmmm.

It also claims that we have lots of people visiting from Peru, Slovakia , Czech Republic, Brazil. Hmm again. Actually we do have 3% US and numbers from Poland and China (but actually a huge diversity). Lots of people in those countries must have the Alexa tooolbar....

Why it is worth looking @ Alexa is comparisons, as other sites suffer much the same - tool-based - distortion.

Anyway, I was drawn whilst comparing 'rank' - oww, a tad 'how big is yours'? I feel another JackP comment a lá 'we really are sad geeks who ought to get out more, aren't we?' coming on - to the offer of a T-shirt displaying said rank!

Off I go to .. zazzle

I'm dumped into a Flash state and - it appears - a design-your-own-t-shirt thing, which looks like fun - and there's my rank - so ...

one thinks >> 'share' and maybe 'change it to something else?'

So I hit Save and am dumped back into .. where?

I can see I'm in a community based around selling designs, it's a design community.


All very interesting but I just want A teeshirt.. maybe .. maybe not now.. must be easier ways — is what I'm immediately thinking.

I must have gone through twelve screens before I find my 'in progress' design.

Their website design has things like a disguised promo link in your account nav - I forgot to mention it made me sign up - next to your 'cart'. That made me hate them.

You have to learn stuff to get back to that teeshirt you were previously thinking 'cool'.

Eventually I find the design, but the only size image on offer (bar screen grabs in the design process - I was thinking 'forward to a friend' remember?) is this >>

Bah. Humbug.

Ages later and there's still no email in my inbox

Lost maaaaaaa buizness zaazzhellee

Whereas ..
  • I order flowers from a UK supplier easily found through a Google common keyphrase search.
  • They drop me straight into an excellent, responsive online process. and that undercuts interflora nearly by half. Plus they're Fairtrade. Plus they take the payment method I want.
  • Get asked if I want to input precious detail like 'do we need to ring a bell?'.
  • Immediate email which neatly explains the process, another confirmation of dispatch, another delivery as promised, and efficiently described throughout.
  • and what to do if it goes wrong.
  • and '5% off your next purchase from us!'
  • and - and it's the tone of their plain text email response which is done so well - a friendly
'p.p.s. to ensure that you receive all of our emails please add to your address book or trusted sender list.'
Very nicely done.

Simple, done well, which is harder than it looks.

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