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Friday 23 March 2007

16% of online shoppers judge site security on looks

16% of online shoppers judge site security on looks

New Media Age

Platform: Internet | Author: Will Cooper | Source: | Published: 22.03.07

One in four online shoppers believe a reputable brand provides the most reassurance that they are buying from a secure source, according to new research.

In a survey undertaken by usability and accessibility specialist Webcredible, 28% of respondents said brand quality was a significant factor in whether they felt safe shopping online.

16% said that a professional looking site engendered trust, while 7% said simply having a contact number readily available was a factor.

However, 40% of people said they would only buy from a secure webpage, one with a https URL.

"It's surprising, but very encouraging, to see that so many online shoppers understand the importance of essential security measures like https," said Trenton Moss, director at Webcredible. "However, it's frightening to see that some internet users will naively put their trust in a website based solely on the way that it looks."

Webcredible surveyed 1,179 people.

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