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Sunday 25 March 2007


This appears to be having a very quiet launch.

It's Flash driven though there is an 'accessibility area' (which is Flash). It doesn't appear to have accessible kids content and you have to go via the 'accessibility area' to reload the website 'accessibly'. Hmmmm.

The Minister, Beverley Hughes, couldn't help themselves at the launch as well:
"DirectgovKids is not only a fantastic learning tool for children, it's great fun too. This [March 2007] is the first time children in the UK have been communicated with directly by Government through an online site. Young citizens will be able to find out more about the world around them, and how Government shapes their day-to-day lives. The site will also give more of a voice to children, allowing them to express their views on current and future policy."
Does she really believe that (the Number Ten site has a kids section) and if so is that anything she should feel proud saying?

DirectgovKids aims to get children from five to 11 engaged with some of the areas of Government that have an impact on their lives, and to help them learn about and understand the society they are growing up in.

The site is designed to look like a revolving globe, with interactive buildings that children can investigate including: a Town Hall, a Police Station and a School. There are online activities and exciting games, as well as animations and slideshows. New areas are being added all the time and include a Health Centre, a school council voting activity and a special area, where children can have a 'virtual vote' on issues that affect them.

The content does look good, though there's no links for kids to anywhere else that I could see. I particularly enjoyed dressing a variety of policemen + firemen 'to get ready for work'... apparently there's also a crapping cows game and a generate poo game as well: "spin the world until you find the supermarket, then go into the Office".

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