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Thursday 22 March 2007

How To Spy On Google

How To Spy On Google
Brian Caulfield, 03.20.07, 6:00 AM ET
Burlingame, Calif. -

Is Google working on a phone? Seems likely, according to various reports.

But there's no need to rely on the rumor mill to find out what Google is up to. Just head to the company's online job listings, where the company declares that it is "experimenting with a few wireless communications systems," adding that "we are building a small team of top-notch logic designers and analog designers aimed at nothing less than making the entire world's information accessible from anywhere for free."


A more recent spin through Google's own ads points to some intriguing possibilities. Among the 778 postings for work at its Mountain View, Calif., headquarters, for instance, is one seeking analog and logic designers. Many speculators point to this as yet more proof that Google is working on a mobile handheld device following the company's acquisition of a company founded by wireless designer Andy Rubin.


Meanwhile, other nuggets can be gleaned from the job listings. Google is hiring a manufacturing manager who will be "part of new product introduction team that establishes new hardware platforms." This could mean Google will soon be cranking out anything from larger numbers of phones to living room set-top boxes. And Google is looking for software engineers who have experience dealing with "high-volume consumer devices" for a television technology effort. Could this mean a Google TV offering could be on the way?


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