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Friday 4 April 2008

Zimbabwe: calm with a purpose

Don’t be conned Zimbabwe. Stand firm. Don’t give Mugabe the excuse that he is looking for and that is to provoke a violent confrontation which he can then use to legitimise using force to steal your rights.

Mugabe is like a pimp or a gun-toting drug dealer; someone who puts a lot of stock in ‘control’ and ‘face’. He needs to swagger and look fierce and tough and strong. He thinks boasting about “degrees in violence” or “coming down hard on the opposition” is smart and strong. But really, he’s just a brat. The people who admire that in him are mindless fools who can’t distinguish between ‘bullying’ and ’strength’.

He really is nothing more than an old man who has come to the end of his years on this earth by fighting his own people. And that’s fairly pathetic, if you ask me. I can only hope that what we’re experiencing tonight is more of the same Mugabe swigger-swagger-strut-stuff.

I am determined to not let Mugabe scare me. I plan to try to consciously hold my nerve in the face of his horrible bullying of our nation - and God knows it probably will be a rough ride and cruel. (What do we expect? This is Mugabe we’re talking about!) But I / we all have important work to do and we can’t afford the distractions that fear brings to the table. Freedom is so close I can almost taste it.
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