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Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Mehdi Kazemi update: April 1st - may be back in UK Monday

News from the Netherlands that Mehdi - the 19 year old gay Iranian under threat of deportation to likely execution - may be returned to the UK on Monday.

He has said to visitors and his Dutch lawyer that he would rather remain in Holland - and for very obvious reasons.

Despite Jacqui Smith's forced statement, he does not trust the British Government and is very scared. Here, there is precedent with the case of the Iranian lesbian Pegah Emambakhsh. A major campaign last year involving Romano Prodi and offers of refuge by two Italian cities have not stopped the Home Office making continuing efforts to deport her.

This all just underlines that Mehdi is not safe yet and won't be until the final end game is played out and he actually has asylum. Please continue to sign the international petition and the petition to Gordon Brown and write your support. > More

What has held up deportation to the UK from the detention centre outside Rotterdam where he is have been the actions of Dutch opposition MP, Boris van der Ham (pictured).

Although the Minister has decided to send him back, van der Ham has forced a parliamentary debate over the lack of British government assurances. This was due to happen tomorrow, Wednesday 2nd, but now appears likely to be on Friday because of the commotion over the Fitna film about Islamism.

Once that is rejected - which is being assumed will happen as the government will have a majority - they have to wait a couple of days to actually do the deed.

Says van der Ham:
The Netherlands has for a few years had a policy that gays (and Christians) are not returning to Iran because of the great dangers.

If he is rejected again by Britain, the Netherlands will be, in my eyes, complicit in a high risk for this boy.

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  1. The debate will take place tomorrow (April 3rd) at 15.15 hrs CET. The Dutch petition will be handed over to Boris van der Ham at 14.45 CET