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Monday 7 April 2008

Blinkx and the Beeb

Rory Cellan-Jones does a big promo rah-rah for Blinkx on the BBC blog. No problemo there. I love Blinkx too, it is better than - shock! - theGoogle.

Apart from a few 'they'll fix it' issues like tiddly text ('what is that video about??') and that you can't just embed them - you have to apply - and that it just plays and doesn't give you a button to hit to play (always a bĂȘte noire for me) and that it'll probably need a version which doesn't induce potential psychosis. But, apart from all that!, the tech behind it is brilliant and unique (and they're local).

Thing is, the BBC has an expected commercial relationship with Blinkx.

Which Rory doesn't mention in his blog,

And that's very naughty for a BBC journalist to do. 'Disclosure' and all that ...

I would tell them this on the blog but the f*&^%$£$%$g comments are still not working. After five tries I run out of patience. Thanks to the wonders of tagging though, they'll see this. Hi guys (you are mostly guys, aren't you?). Pass this on to Rory, there's a love.

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