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Friday, 11 April 2008

Webby awards and accessibility

These are the candidates for 'Best Home Page' in the annual Webby Awards.


Nominees Agency/Credited Organization
AdBash AdBash
Rusty George Creative
Conde Net
National Geographic National Geographic
National Geographic Digital Media
The Los Angeles Film School The Los Angeles Film School
Platinum Creative @ Full Sail
wired media

Yep, there's some great stuff there. However ...

You can double check, but accessibility appears to be absent from all of them.

And it's absent from the Webbies to-tal-ly:

With the ammount of money involved with these and other sites, there aren't any excuses left for not bothering.

It will undoubtedly take legal pressure to force these people to pay attention - and that's finally started.

Is this the test case we’ve all been waiting for?

Summary: Target case now open for class action and every blind person in the U.S. who has tried to access can become a plaintiff.

Summary of summary: Target, you’re screwed.

Plus Ofcom is "launching a new dedicated workstream focusing on access and inclusion, including usability, across all its areas of work."

I've written to the Webbies asking for an explanation. I'm not holding my breath.

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