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Saturday 25 August 2007

Butch Russian mature top seeks brokeback

Gay men responding (unedited) on a gossip board to Vlad's come hither glossy pix - hot! hot! hot! - and he's not at all a hypocrite for using homoerotic tropes ...

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, President of the Russian Federation.

Владимир Владимирович Путин

on holiday in Siberia....
Really not appealing to me

loon.gif shaky.gif

Well....I might.
Me too.
But only to sell the story. biggrin.gif
Siberia looks great though.
Then I'm sure You would Quietly go Missing or Mysteriously be Chucked out of a Window.. Oh, or Poisoned...
I'd vote for being irradiated with polonium 210.
I was gonna post something sarcastic.. but a black van has just parked up across the street and I'm scared that something is.. (click)........
You don't mean you fear a guy with man boobs do you? jordan.gif
I think all gay men are better d*** in his books anyway so you're already condemned. bleh.gif
You still there? blink.gif

Wow, he can plant his flag in my Arctic territory any time...
(that was sarcasm by the way!)
This post has been edited by varoistus: Today, 21:18
someone tell him that the cold war is over... and they lost (I think) :S
Apparently, Russian women are going crazy over him since these pictures were published: International Hearld Tribune
Political leaders' popularity based on what they look like stripped to the waist?

"Hi, my name's George Bush and my hobbies are poetry, the environment and world peace."
"Hello, my name's Margaret Tha - "
Bizarre. Just doesn't bear thinking about.
george bush and 'world peace' don't really go together....hey- I wouldn't mind looking like Putin when I'm 55- and I wouldn't mind injecting a few ex boyfriends with nuclear poison....

No he's not bad looking for his age.
But my personal opinion, which I know doesn't count for anything, is that politicians are a somewhat controversial and thus not entirely suitable subject for a forum such as this.
Sorry for sounding pompous, this is my honest opinion.

Putin's blog - [Pix] REPUBLIC OF TUVA. During the trip to Tuva.

Putin's English site search for 'gay'

+ 'homosexual' ... ('error')

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