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Tuesday 7 August 2007

Bytes · How to Deal with MySpace Predators - Coogan's online soap - The Facebook coppers

Laws Fail to Deal with MySpace Predators
Larry Magid is pretty upset about the way some states' attorneys general are blaming MySpace for the fact that there are pedophiles and other predators on the site, and proposing legislation that would restrict kids' access to social networking sites. There are predators everywhere. The good news is that MySpace is at least trying to get rid of them.


Time Magazine ran a scary experiment to see how much personalised information they could easily source about someone.

What makes these sites controversial is that they gather all this information without your permission. The resulting profiles can be embarrassing or simply wrong. And getting those profiles removed or changed can be impossible.

The Author, checking on popular site ZoomInfo, "saw that everything from my telephone number to my full name were flat out wrong".

NYT recommends:

It's a geographic view of traffic to Presumably live.

More onDigital Earth on the GEE update:

Some of the enhancements include:

  • Browser integration with the Google Maps API AJAX architecture, allowing 2D map views to be embedded in any web-based application, so everyone in an organization benefits from the power of Google Earth Enterprise.
  • Performance enhancements amounting to as much as a 10x speedup for vector data processing and better than 2x reduction in server computation for responding to imagery requests.
  • New search framework for integrating geocoding and other search services via Java plug-ins including a Google Search Appliance reference implementation.
  • Regionator for creating Super-Overlays with Regions based KML and publishing them for viewing in any Google Earth client version (Free, Plus or Pro).
  • Security improvements and extended Operating System support including Red Hat Enterprise Server 4 and SUSE Linux 9 and 10.
They’ve also streamlined the interface and made a handful of other improvements.


Steve Coogan is behind online soap - sorry, 'interactive online sit-com' - Where Are The Joneses?
Dawn (Emma Fryer from Ideal), discovers from her dying mother that her father was a sperm donor and that she has 27 sibblings scattered across Europe.

Not loving the ads in your widget, Steve. Plus ya'gotta make sure the server's up to streaming it otherwise people will drop your widget. It's also crap marketing because it leads you to a flickr dead end ...


Metropolitan Police on Facebook. They have a 600 strong group which the Mail (boo!) infiltrated. Something, anything wrong here? Nah.

A Met spokeswoman said last night it appeared that officers had fallen short of their professional standards.

Those involved could now face a dressing down from their superiors and even disciplinary action if they are deemed to have brought the force into disrepute.

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