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Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Council website usage: huge differences?

We have started exchanging Google Analytics view access with six other councils and one thing stands out like a sore thumb: huge differences in usage.

It's a wide variety amongst us - big city, little city, rural, Scottish city etc. And between our relatively wealthy city and the poorest one we're exchanging with the web use is different by a factor of 3.5, taking population into account of course.

Even taking special factors, like tourism, into account that's an enormous difference.

Here's Visits Per Capita, based on Feb 1-Aug 14 total visits, excluding internal traffic and just counting the Council website (not other sites):
  • 1.1 - poorer district
  • 2.4 - city
  • 2.4 - small city
  • 3.0 - large city
  • 3.6 - small city

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