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Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Thank you BBC

The BBC has a long story about reactions from Zimbabwean bloggers to Tsvangari's resignation - with links.

It's been disappearing down the Zim stories through the day but it's there as a feature. Sokwanele is also described as a 'Civic Action Support Group, which is good. The BBC is the world's biggest news source, so the link is important.

The group is also now being picked up across the blogosphere.

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Today they covered a terrifying statement issued by Genocide Watch:
ZANU-PF’s hate speech, torture, and murder have terrorized Zimbabwe since the Movement for Democratic Change defeated Mugabe and the ZANU-PF in March’s elections. Now ZANU-PF has stepped up its violence to openly kill leaders of the MDC and their families. Such acts are prelude to every politicide or genocide.

A sign of the gravity of the danger is the phenomenon of “mirroring,” a strange but common psychological mechanism of denial used by mass murderers. ZANU-PF spokesmen accuse their victims of being traitors or terrorists, when in fact ZANU-PF is the real perpetrator.

President Mugabe’s open declaration that his followers would go to war rather than accept defeat in the election is a sign of the high probability that Zimbabwe is headed for a bloodbath. His termination of relief aid to his own starving people shows his complete contempt for human life.

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