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Friday, 13 June 2008

Gold surfers

Heard numerous times from the elders that 'silver surfers' is, well, patronising.

Radio Four's Front Row had an interview with two octogenerians posting film reviews on the web. I went to have a look at their YouTube page and, f+++ me, they got half a million views for their last show. To put that in context a million views is a lot for a US cable news show.

Turns out, 81 year old Marsha Nasatir and 84 year old Lorenzo Semple are both industry veterans — Semple wrote the fabulous 3 Days of the Condor and Nasatir worked with Laurence Kasdan — though they don't credit themselves. Apparently "people in the industry love the show but in true Hollywood fashion they don't watch it!"

They say, "the point of it - the reality, it's a reality show - is that we argue." They see films seperately and "don't exchange words until we're on the air."

Strangely, they reminded me of David Stratton and Margaret Pomeranz, who host a long-running movie review show on Australian TV.

After looking, I ended up viewing lots of their reviews. They are that good, and funny. Though they do geezery things, like get chilly.

Here's their latest - NSFW! Menstruation and f+++!

And here's their take on the Oscars, complete with embarrassing baby photos! And they know how to pick 'em! - well most of them. (+ a private moment about Julie Christie and discussion of Viggo Mortenson's 'endowment')

Here's the review of Sex and the City (warning spoilers) . "It's very upsetting that I spent $8.75 on a Saturday morning when I could have been shopping".

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