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Friday, 13 June 2008

Facebook scares me

Well I just signed up for Facebook.

Yes, just. Never bothered because it's 'another thing to do', I ain't trendy and there a wiff of 'been there, done that'.

But an overseas friend bent my arm so I signed up.

And I was shocked, nay, shocked to be presented on signing up, after giving them merely my email address and location, a list of potential 'friends' which was eerily accurate; egov, new media (Martha Lane Fox?), Australia. I really hadn't given them anything else, I swear, so how the heck could they know this?

I will use it for my charity work (+ sending 'gifts' to my real friend) but my experience seems to be that of too many people and I notice the industry buzz is that profits aren't really forthcoming and the business plan has holes - giant rat-sized ones.

If interoperability between social networks becomes real then who in their right mind would invest in them?


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