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Thursday, 26 June 2008

Ready for Change

From Sokwanele

Sowetan editorial: Stand up to tyranny
Almost everyone who has watched this tragedy unfold knows what is happening. Tsvangirai knows it, Jacob Zuma knows its, and so do the AU, the UN and everyone else calling for the farcical so-called run-off poll in Zimbabwe to be called off.

But it still took inordinate guts for Tsvangirai to withdraw from the election. Participating would only have lent credibility to a sham.

Only a few isolated politicians in South Africa and slightly further afield believed anything good could come out of Mugabe’s pantomime. He stole the 2002 election in a similar fashion.

Now the world must follow up on its bluster. Mugabe and his henchmen must be isolated economically, politically and morally – the way apartheid politicians were.
And the already battered folk north of our borders have one last battle to endure and stand up against his tyranny – just as we did here.

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