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Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Telling one source from another

In PM Questions today Gordon Brown referred to ConservativeHome as the Conservatives website.

The Conservative party’s members’ website, ConservativeHome, also said this morning:

“A clear majority of the British people favour a longer detention period. We believe that the British people are right. They won’t readily forgive any politicians who allow a major atrocity to occur because our detention procedures prove to be inadequate.”

The right hon. Gentleman must answer also to members of his own party.

It's not the "members’ website", it's Tim Montgomerie's.

I hope this is a one-off, from a bad No. 10 researcher, confusing an individual's website with those of the party they're in sympathy with. There's been enough of this in the US election, including bizarre, deliberate attacks on out-there comments or images on Democrat-orientated sites like dailyKos or HuffPost somehow being the site's or 'the liberal left's' (aka Democrats) responsibility. Something similar is happening at the moment confusing with Obama's stated positions.

What made it even stranger was Brown pointing at how ConservativeHome was supporting 42-days detention. Actually, all it was doing was pointing at a Telegraph poll ... and that quote is wrong.

Also, ConservativeHome, never mind the Conservative party, appears to have missed this Prime Ministerial faux-paus.

All very odd and hopefully not a trend in the making.

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