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Tuesday 1 May 2007

Sound of my own voice

Strange experience today. I haven't actually heard my voice for several years and I got an opportunity to And it's changed.

I was on a panel discussing 'Web intermediaries' at a PSF Customer Services event in Cheltenham (gorgeous spot, very long way away) and it's been Podcast (aka recorded).

Thankfully, I don't sound as ranty as I thought I did — more like the mad professor, I can live with that — but my accent's changed. I sound Northern when I thought (or thought I thought) I sounded Southern.

Though maybe it's just my perception of my accent.

I don't have any tapes left of myself, to compare, though I used to do radio, and after I lived in Australia everyone picked up on that. What Ocker there was seems to have gone ....

As I said, strange. And faintly disturbing ...

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  1. Not sure it helps, but I thought you were from the south-west. :-)