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Friday 4 May 2007

Bytes · MySpace doomed? - New crime: WiFi theft - Forget green backgrounds

  • Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales reckons MySpace is doomed.
    "There's way too much advertising and they're not really respecting their own community."
    He may be right.

  • Good to see that the BBC is going big with the Guardian's story about misfiring anti-paedophile policing. Trumpeted for snaring 4000 who'd downloaded child porn, Operation Ore was actually based solely on credit card transactions - and fraud was never allowed for.

    This story
    from 2004 shows just how lives are ruined just by accusation.

    At the same time, The Internet Watch Foundation is reporting that the most distressing grade of images account for nearly a third of all reports of child pornography it receives.

  • Two people have been arrested for using other people's wireless connections without permission in Worcestershire, in what are believed to be among the first cases of their kind.

    A man was spotted by residents using a laptop while parked in his car outside a house in Redditch. In an unconnected incident, a 29-year-old woman was arrested following a similar incident, also in Redditch, earlier in the month.

  • On the back of the huge success of Flash Video (YouTube etc.), Adobe has launched it's own Media Player, built on open standards and interoperability, to take on MS's.

  • Here's the take-aways from: Colorblindness - A Usability Guide for Commercial Applications - By Anthony Mitchell, TechNewsWorld.

    · The safest route to legibility in screen and print layouts is to rely on black fonts and white backgrounds.
    · To place blue or green backgrounds behind black fonts decreases the contrast and degrades readability.
    · The use of red or dark green backgrounds also degrades readability, regardless of font color.

    Other points:

    · Colour blindness is primarily a Caucasian male issue and affects around 10% to some degree.
    · Be careful with colour coding.
    · The lighter the font, the harder it is for colorblind people to read.
    · Don't use red text for highlighting in forms

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