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Tuesday, 8 May 2007 postscript

Some of the possible use for this new service are popping up in the blogosphere (well, a couple).

Martin Moore, talking about the campaign to remove restrictions on Alzheimer's drugs, says:

In the case of the Alzheimer's drugs NICE - which was not given a right to reply in the Mail's article - has since responded on NewsCounter.

And someone called 'Matthew', refers posters on a Banks Are Bastards thread again to Newscounter for a response (from the RBS).

I can see how counter-spin needs a home and there's a market-gap being filled (they seem to have signed up a fair few big names), but - again - shouldn't the organisations just get their PR act together online demselves?

And here's a European information architect agreeing with my comment on the usability.

Martin Belam adds that:

On each individual story page they have added a "top referrers" panel, which does an IP look-up and displays where visitors are coming from.

Huh?! newscounter quickly responded that:

I understand your concern with the top referrers section. The rationale was from a promotion/marketing perspective. However, we will keep this under review.

Martin doesn't like what feels like his privacy being violated. He is leaving the site as a result. I'd be reviewing toot suite ...

And MediaGuardian weighs in:

'Newscounter might have one remaining leg to stand on if it didn't require its users to pay £300 for their right to reply. This is just advertising and a dressed-up PR consultancy service, surely?'

Oh god, this reminds me of 2000, Boo! and the Tulip boom ...

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