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Sunday 6 May 2007

Labour tiptoes into blogosphere

The Labour party met last week with party-supporting bloggers — to promote their new, so-bright-and-purple-my-eyes-hurt, NHS campaign 'Better with Labour' website.
"Labour's investment and commitment to the NHS is transforming the services it provides. Learn here how your NHS is saving more lives, treating more patients, quicker than ever before."
NB: Bloggers4Labour — make your b****y logo easier to reuse! That's a transparent gif, top-right, with added red background.

Andrew Brown blogs that:

I think its fair to say that the Party doesn’t quite know what to make of us, or this medium. They know we’re out here and they’ve all heard of the right wing bloggers that trade on gossip and a relationship with the mainstream media but by and large we’re below the radar.

So this move is experimental, seeing how we react to each other and what sort of relationship can be developed.

They've a way to go.

I get their mailings - the surprise of seeing 'Gordon Brown' appearing in your mailbox soon wears off, especially when the email appears amateur-hour like, images attached, odd, vaguely phallic, text background, as seen in Gmail as right.

The Party website is terribly amateurish (Title: 'Home page: The Labour Party: the future of Britain'), though getting better, and I have yet to see any sight of an organised input into any webspace, bar obvious breakfasts for bloggers.

But if the Deputy websites are anything to go by [Deputy candidates count friends online], they're a good sign that the amateur, generational, web-fearing approach from Senior Labour will continue for some time yet ....

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