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Wednesday, 5 March 2008

UK searching for Obama

Robin Gould posts that:
UK Internet users are more interested in the United States presidential race than politics at home. Senator Barack Obama is the most searched for political figure in the UK, receiving three times as many searches on his name last week as Hillary Clinton, and five times as many as Gordon Brown. John McCain ranked in fourth place, just ahead of David Cameron.

UK Internet visits to Barack Obama’s official website ( started to increase steadily from the end of January and, during the week of ‘Super Tuesday’ (week ending 9 February 2008) his website received more visits than any of the major UK political party websites. Interest in Senator Obama has declined slightly since ‘Super Tuesday’ and his website now ranks one position behind The Conservative Party’s homepage ( ) in our Politics category, but it remains more popular than the websites of both Labour and the Liberal Democrats.

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