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Monday, 24 March 2008

Tesco: Brilliant SEO but Satan in disguise

Owh, they're good, but evil... you have to get past the tenth (standard) Tesco Google hit before you get Tesco critics cited on (even) the BBC and Guardian. Mega-tricks. Don't know whether to raise my hat or let loose a blast ...

Let's try a blast.

Tesco offers Sheringham £1.2million
COUNCIL coffers will get £1.2m (sounds like Shirley Porter's hairdressing bill) from super-market giant Tesco if the controversial store at Sheringham gets the go-ahead. But North Norfolk District Council has stressed that the deal does not affect the long-running planning saga - which is due to come to a head at an inquiry, which will take place in July.
Sheringham is a North Norfolk small town I have connections to (and love). It and it's small selection of, albeit slightly 1950s (some close for lunch but 'sell everything') shops (I believe people appreciate 'siestas' and 'work-life balance' in EspaƱa), face decimation - really - if Tesco moves in.

And like the massively profitable juggernaut they are, Tesco ain't giving in.

Their attempts at a store in the town have, literally, been going on for years despite massive opposition.

They are trying to do the same in the one remaining 'character' (i.e. non-bog standard) shopping street left in Cambridge. This is their moot point: they never give up. They is evil. They will dominate all. Profit. Profit. Profit.
  • 'Tesco hell' - 'anything-dot-Hell' sites are somewhat infamous, but, somewhere with this one, I gave up. The SEO maestros defeated them or tell me if I'm missing something.
These sites I found relatively quickly, no such luck for the general public I would guessLesson 1: yes, search positioning (SEO) is very important for online campaigning but T*sco is fu****g loaded and has search tricks down pat;
Lesson 2: I've tagged this 'censorship' because that's what it - effectively - is.

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