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Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Alan Duncan: Why I can't stand him

Alan Duncan is not a gay MP. Oh no. He's an "MP who happens to be gay" (n.b. when it was convenient for him). He's also a gay man with no respect for those who enabled him and a gay man who'll swipe at other gay men to make clear he's not like them.

Here he is announcing his 'partnership' (marriage is for heterosexuals he truly believes) to the Torygraph:
"This is not a 'wedding'," he says. "You really just go into the register office and sign. There will be no Elton John-style stuff: no white suits, no John Inman, no flouncing about."
Rather hysterically displaying a complete lack of self-awareness for such a big queen (Derek Faye anyone?) he says:
"The most annoying reaction I received from friends [when I came out] was: 'We always knew that'. I said: 'I don't flounce about. I don't parade. I don't have peroxide in my hair'."
This is so traditional this stuff. People like him were telling those who created the world he lives in to 'tone it down' forty years ago. Wolfenden was all about that. The John Inman dig - he's dead, have some respect - is excruciatingly predictable.

People like him - Tories - always like to think of themselves as ground breaking whilst forgetting completely who created the ground they stand on. Yes, you need the quiet ones and the Tory gays as well to change the world but the arrogance of these characters is astonishing.

He's another rich tit — like Rupert Everett — who proudly displays his self-loathing in order to win brownie points from straight people:
"I would have loved to have kids. I really would have enjoyed being a father," he says. "But my personal view is that I don't think it's consistent with being in a gay partnership. I voted in favour of gay adoption but I would never contemplate doing it myself. I have serious qualms about it. I'm seriously uneasy about a gay couple making a baby by someone else."
Alan - duckie - there is no evidence for your queesiness save what you read in the Daily Mail. There is masses of research evidence which establishes that children of gay couples are - if anything - better off. Go look it up.

We're all in favour of 'the Conservatives' evolution into a more socially liberal party, free of its blue-rinse past'. Just stop attacking other gay people and show some damn respect for your elders.

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