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Wednesday, 27 February 2008

'Undercover mosque': police hit with lawsuit

Hallelujah seems to be the appropriate response to the news that Channel Four is supporting a libel claim against West Midlands Police.

These are the mob (WM police) which took Channel Four to law over their broadcast of a documentary featuring footage of British preachers calling for homosexuals to be killed, espousing male supremacy, condemning non-Muslims and predicting jihad.

These are also the same police who have received consistent criticism by West Midlands lesbians and gays for homophobia. I blogged last year about how West Midlands Labour councillors (it's a Labour fiefdom) were running anti-gay campaigns using a local gay sex meeting place as an excuse. There's plainly a homophobia problem which lives in the West Midlands.

So hurrah for Channel Four. They have a bloody good case.

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