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Tuesday 29 January 2008

'Kill me because I am from the tribe called Kenya'

Excellent post abut the worsening situation from a self-described young aspiring Kenyan diplomat:
I refuse to be labeled, hate me, burn my house and even kill me, but because I am Kenyan.

Kill me because I am Kenyan, not because of my tribe Not because of my name, please kill me because I am Kenyan


I chose to be proactive. We have to be proactive. I and one of my best friend are starting this movement called kill me because I am from the tribe called Kenya. He is Kenyan luo engaged to a Kenyan kikuyu girl, but first and most he is the key word is kenyan.

I am angry, really angry. Angry at myself for thinking being passive has ever changed anything. angry that this politicians, this gangs be it mungiki, taliban, kalenjin warriors and et al who want to tell us how to live, who to love and they want to dictate who to hate or kill?

I refuse yes I refuse that agenda and that is not my destiny

The Kenyan blogosphere makes for a series of such reads. And it's intimately connected to what's happening on the ground. It's plainly, for Kenyans, becoming the place to find news and where democracy is being fought over.

There are saboteurs, there are tribalists and there are ordinary people, like this poster, Kamau. The Mashada forum, especially, is apparently becoming the main social site for verbal battle with tribalism a big issue. This is what Kamau is reacting against.

NB: I was looking for a photo from Joseph Karoki's blog to use and this was about the mildest one. He, like the media is the rest of the 'developing' world, does carry photos of bodies. Burnt and hacked people - one shows a tin hut with a hacked to death mother and a child crying over her. Westerners never get to see these images. But it's really only by actually seeing it that you get closer to what's happening - horror - to other people. So - a warning for 'strong content'.

Best place to get a flavour if the blogosphere is the blog aggregator.


Very quick postscript! Just saw the photo of the mother murdered in front of her child in the Washington Post -- anyone seen it in a UK paper? Are we that timid? And where's the offense?

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