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Wednesday 23 January 2008

Kenya Crisis - Online response flourishing

More inspiring online responses.

SMS as Information Channel in Post-Election Kenya

"Kenya IndyMedia solicits contributions of either cash or airtime minutes from not only within East Africa but from around the globe. Text messages with sufficient minutes attached are sent out to potential interview subjects, who then ring up one of IndyMedia's reporters. With the interview recorded, either John or a fellow activist then trudges over to one of Nairobi's cyber cafes. Paying about $1 an hour for Internet access, they're interviews are posting posted online for all the world to hear. Some of these SMS-enabled recordings have appeared on the Kenya IndyMedia website. Others are now airing on international radio."

Naburr is connecting with villages connected to NGOs by SMS.

Twitter is the only channel which can connect back to mobiles, allowing users to view posts without an Internet connection. Kenyan Twitter channels: KenyaNews - afromusing

Peace for Kenya and Kenya’s Post Election Humanitarian Crisis Facebook Groups.

Worknets Wiki.

Google comments on Kenyan use of YouTube.
While Kenya's future is uncertain, YouTube remains a window into the challenges the country faces – in other words, you don't need expensive satellite TV to catch the news from the region or footage of the chaos.

Hat-tip: NetSquared.

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