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Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Postscript · Burning Man

Lots of funky stuff on show in this PodTech video 'Black Rock City or Bust'.

From the Burning Man Live Feed, I like this screengrab I caught >>

Bizarrely ended up top 5. Google for varieties of 'Burning Man Live Feed'. Hello Hummingbirds! Must be the title and being part of the Google universe using Blogger.

Google is so huge on the web that tiddler I get click throughs from results page whatever, verrry long tail. But Title is vital: I get lots to 'How to open a safe' and variants of 'How to disable web filter software'.

The feed was great fun to check back to because it kept changing and it somehow made it look like it could be Mars (with blue sky, and echoes of Bruegel), helped by the radio noise.

Never been but it reminds me of 80s/90s Sydney events for apparent atmosphere.

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