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Saturday, 15 September 2007

"Fat and Dumb"

'Former Senator Mike Gravel of Alaska won Best of Show at the Presidential Debate in South Carolina in July.'

Hat tip: the Telegraph.

He calls Americans "Fat and Dumb" amongst a whole lot of other 'home truths'. Great fun watching the others continuing to smile.

Gravel got $100k in the last financial sweepstakes deciding who wins 'Most Powerful Individual in World'.

nb: trying the Candidate Calculator ['Answer the questions below to find the 2008 Presidental candidate that best aligns with your beliefs.'] - Gravel has issues.

I'd be a Kucinich fan (Campaign website, the rather sweet, showing the rather enormous differences in political beliefs across the pond between Yurp and the Yanks.

'Choices' on '' include Assault Weapons Ban and Water Boarding of Captives, alongside Universal Health Care.

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