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Monday, 3 September 2007

LabPixies Radio / TV

V. cute widget .. LabPixies Radio, comes with two v. cute skins, "Listen to your favorite radio stations right on your homepage! Select your country or enter your station's URL manually and tune in. simple and fun."

You can go back in and change stations, selection's limited. You can submit stations and video streams. Does seem to work, as does this ... I could set it to blast out BBC World (it shouldn't), except with Sky, which is trying to send me to the ITV website? Channel Four doesn't work either.

Pretty damn neat! Useful?

Uh-oh. Next day, tried it at work and the user gets the default channels - ABC etc. - then has to change them themselves (visiting the pixies site in the process). Bit fiddly when the 'buttons' aren't that obvious ...on the TV it's 'settings' on the far right.

Still pretty damn neat to be able to offer live BBC World / News24 for free [albeit with instructions on how to 'tune in'].

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